100 Metre x 15cm Foil Rolls

The new 100 metre rolls are NEW & made to size because of what you as hairdressers have told us you need....These bbys are for those hairdressers who need to be able to do things their way.

This 100 metre foil roll is made for for those who like cutting their own pre-cut, and are perfect for when your pre-cuts get low and when you don't want to run outta foil.

Grab 100 metres x 15cm rolls of our hairdressing foils in the print you love, now ready for you to roll and foil. Enjoy our signature foils for hair, double embossed with super grip underlay, and ready for you to cut to size as you wish! Stock up on our BRAND NEW 100 metre rolls and never run out of foil again. 

Designed by hairdressers, for hairdressers, this foil wrap is the best on the market. 

Not only is it embossed for extra hold, but it's also 100% recyclable. What more could ya possibly want? 

Buy 12 boxes and score yourself a cheeky 10% discount!

Make sure you snap some pics of the foil in action and tag @foxy_blondes on IG.

The nitty gritty;

  • 15cm Width
  • 100m Length Per Roll
  • Super grip embossing for incredible results
  • Don't stick, don't tear, flexible foils
  • Get in close to scalp for less bleed
  • Perfect for fast & fine foiling - they grip and don't move
Pink Candy 100 Metre Foil RollPink Candy 100 Metre Foil Roll
Retro Cali 100 Metre Foil RollRetro Cali 100 Metre Foil Roll
Sting 100 Metre Foil RollSting 100 Metre Foil Roll
Tropic 100 Metre Foil RollTropic 100 Metre Foil Roll
Oh' Honey 100 Metre Foil RollOh' Honey 100 Metre Foil Roll
Go Wild 100 Metre Foil RollGo Wild 100 Metre Foil Roll
Sassy Sis' 100 Metre Foil RollSassy Sis' 100 Metre Foil Roll
Snow Leopard 100 Metre Foil RollSnow Leopard 100 Metre Foil Roll