Sting is the newest foil by Foxy Blondes and this hairdressing foil is designed for those who love the creamy soft pastels of teal and aqua popped with a soft purple mauve bee to truly give your foils some sting, Get some serious STING into your salon with our newest foil now in 4 different sizes. 

Standard pop up - 27cm x 15cm foils

Standard flat packs - 27cm x 15cm foils

Mini Rolls - 100 metres x 15cm rolls

Extra Wides - 20cm x 35cm foils - COMING SOON

Sting Pre-cut 27cm Pop Up FoilsSting Pre-cut 27cm Pop Up Foils
Sting 27cm Pre-cut Flat Pack FoilsSting 27cm Pre-cut Flat Pack Foils
Sting 100 Metre Foil RollSting 100 Metre Foil Roll