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 3 ALL-NEW 27cm Pop Top foils to take your foil game to all new heights... Embossed for super grip /non slip & antistick foiling. You simply have to try them to feel the difference & see the results.

Plain Jane Pre-cut 27cm Pop Up FoilsPlain Jane Pre-cut 27cm Pop Up Foils

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Retro Cali Pre-cut 27cm Pop Up FoilsRetro Cali Pre-cut 27cm Pop Up Foils

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Sting Pre-cut 27cm Pop Up FoilsSting Pre-cut 27cm Pop Up Foils

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Foxy Blondes foils are made for hairdressers by hairdressers with months spent in production to produce the perfect foil. Our hairdressing foils are designed to make life easier in the salon. They are flexible, super grip, embossed, non slip and packaged to pop out easily without tearing. Grab your favourites now while they're still in stock and up your foil game with our seriously on trend foils. These bbys are unlike anything else out there and we can't wait for you to try them.


. Up Your Foil Game.. Give Your Clients a Foiling Experience Unlike Any Other

Foxy Blondes hairdressing foils have been designed for hairdressers by hairdressers. Our foils are double embossed to prevent slippage and super pliable to get in super close to the scalp. Foxy Blondes foils were made to put some fun into foiling. Our foils are super on trend, super grip, embossed for less bleed & come in 3 sizes.... plus they're recyclable!! Raise the bar & join in the fun online! Fun, fresh, super practical & packaged to make your life easier!

Super Grip Foils Made by Hairdressers For Hairdressers
Foxy Blondes had a mission. To produce a foil that makes life simpler for hairdressers. Owner and hairdresser, Belynda couldn't find the perfect foil to use, so she decided to produce a foil that she wanted to work with. After many months in production and design Foxy Blondes foils was born. A super grip, malleable and super embossed foil that gets in super close to the scalp and doesn't slip, ensuring less bleed and packaged so hairdressers can grab the foil with ease without tearing. A major plus is the Foxy Blondes foil range showcases some super on trend foil designs to give your clients a foiling experience they won't forget. Enjoy our foils. There are no others like them. 
Prices Start at $13.95
Double embossing for super grip, non slip application; perfect for fine foiling 
Easy to work with & highly flexible... Foils can be positioned super close to root & hold firm to ensure less bleed
Ergonomically designed flat pack or pop top packaging made so foil slides out easily.. unique design to stop sticking, tearing, creasing... for faster and fuss free foiling
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100% recycleable
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